Saturday, May 29, 2010

Pin Curls!

     I cut my over grown side bangs into Bettie bangs! I saw a vlog tutorial that Strawberrykoi did on Bettie bangs that inspired me to try again! ("Again" meaning I tried at Christmas time using my memory to guide me and ended up cutting them wayyy too short hah! Don't cut your hair wet! It shrinks!)

Curled back view
If you're looking for good instructions for cutting Bettie bangs yourself, Lisa Freemont Pages has good, detailed directions. I just adore Lisa Freemont Street tutorials on youtube. She has tutorials on every vintage kind of hairstyle you can imagine!  
Day one
I've read about many bloggers trying pin curls, I've seen numerous videos on them, and now... I've finally tried them myself! The pin curls came out a bit messier than I would have liked, yet they held all day and sleeping on them all night! I was afraid that they would come loose while I slept but they actually held really well!

Day one back view
I sectioned my head into five columns and two to three rows across. I don't have a rat-tailed comb so I used a hair chopstick to do the sectioning. Anything that comes to a point like that would work well, I've even used pencils when I'm desperate! I know that there are certain patterns and designs to curl your hair into depending on what look you want to create.  

Mommy and gabe hamming it up!
But for my first time I wanted to do something simple. The top two rows were curled over, and the bottom row was curled under. Day one the curls came out INCREDIBLY curly. My mistake was not leaving my part alone and curling on each side of it. Instead I combed it straight up in the air and curled it all as one. After undoing them, all day long I had front pieces that didn't want to lay to the side lol.
Day two front view
I also hadn't taken into account that my hair is only shoulder length, so when curled up that much it only hits my chin. I made the pin curls small, and really tight. Next time I'm thinking I'll keep them just as tight, but make the loops bigger. That should make them hang more, and look longer.

Day two back view
When I woke up on the second day I was amazed to see all the curls that were on my head. The only difference between the first day of curls and the second day was that the top of my hair was much more relaxed and thus had lowered the curls an inch or so below my chin.

Day three front view
Yet, all the curls at the bottom were still completely intact! Though some of the top most curls had lost their bouncy, springy, curly-ness, there was still quite a bit of wave to them so they didn't stand out against the rest of the curly curls.
(You can see what I'm talking about in the picture below.)

Day three back view

Not much changed from day two to three, just the curls relaxing even more. As you can see the ends still have tons of curl while the top has released significantly. I didn't use a setting lotion or anything either! Over all I like day three the best. It stayed really curly, but it wasn't all crazy clown hair. 



Molly said...

[poppin gover form Sew Retro]

The curls are lovely, its fab they stayed so good so long. I've only ever done this type of style on wigs then I bake them in an oven to get them to set, lasts for a week of wear but its not exactly something you can do with an attached head!

Ana said...

Haha that would be a bit awkward!