Sunday, January 15, 2012

Darling Girl Blogger Review #2

This was the second blogger review kit I ordered a couple months ago. As usual everything came nicely packed in a little pink box with fluffy stuffing stuff (to keep the samples from bouncing around inside) and sparkly snowflake shaped thingies.

Noel from 2010 Christmas set: Isn't on the website anymore, but to me it looks like a light, shimmery gold with slight peachy tones.
Santa Baby from 2010 Christmas set: Isn't on the site either, I'd call it a shimmery, pink toned copper with a subtle violet sheen and sparkles.
Making Merry from 2010 Christmas set: "An iridescent deep purple with green shift and loads of red shimmer." I don't see any red shimmer or green shift. But I do see a violet/aqua shift that's super pretty. It is a bit sheer though.
Be Mine from 2010 Valentines set: Isn't on the site, but I'm pretty sure her description was similar to mine. A matte blackened mauve base with pinkish mauve sparkles.
Vampire's Kiss from 2011 Halloween Darling Ghoul set: "A sheer black base with loads of red and color holographic holo-shimmer." To me it looks like a sheer blackened purple with purple and violet sparkle.

 Vampire's Kiss Holo Gloss, such pretty gold/copper duo. Unfortunetly it doesn't show up when you wear it.
 These four lip swatches we're done with a light coating of lipgloss. About how much I imagine a normal person would apply. It leaves a very sheer subtle blackened purple tint on the lips with noticeable pretty purple sparkles. Since the base is a shade of purple and the sparkles are purple it blends nicely together on the lips and doesn't look like BAM! purple glittah in ya face!

 The next three pictures we're taken after I added another layer of gloss. My camera washed the color out a bit, in person it had a much more obvious blackened look. It also didn't settle in the lines as bad as it looks in the pictures.

I took some unfocused picture so you could see the purple and violet sparkles.


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