Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Darling Girl Christmas/Holiday collection swatches

This post is of the Darling Deer collection. Everything was swatched over face primer and patted on with an eyeshadow brush. I'll have the lip swatch post up next.

Dasher: "Putty grey (almost taupe) pearl with subtle flashes of purple iridescence."
Blitzen: "Kind of golden peach shade, but when swatched he's really a sheer violet pearl with loads of gold iridescence." I see a shimmery yellowy/peachy base with pale violet shift.
Donner: "golden beige pearl with a subtle blue flash."
Prancer: "Olive green with a hint of violet shift and gorgeous contrasting blue shimmers."
Rudolph: "A grey/green taupe with red flash." More of a brownish taupe with pink sparkles to me.
Cupid: "Lilac pink with monochromatic pink 'diamond dust' glitter."
Comet: "Matte wine base with a strong aqua/green shift and pink shimmers."
Dancer: "Bold deep gemstone green with rainbow sparkles." I consider this to be a teal.
Vixen: "Brazen blue based purple ribboned with pink, green and lavender sparkles."

Berry Merry Blush: "Mauve pink with a very subtle purple shift." More of a pinkish-violet shift to me.
White Christmas: " Iridescent white with a slight blue cast." I see dark blue glitter too.

Reindeer Kisses: "Iridescent holo, red, pink with a touch of black for depth." Gorgeous!
Jingle Bells: "A blend of differing shades of gold and a little holo glitter to give a little extra sparkle."
Holly Jolly Holo Gloss: "A pigmented true red loaded with color shifting glitter that shifts from gold, green to blue. Predominantly gold, green to my eyes."
Ghouls Gone Wild lip jelly (from Darling Ghoul collection): "A sheer gloss with green and pink shift and loaded with holographic micro-glitter." Gorgeous green shift!
Snow Angel lip jelly: "Loaded with pink, holographic and color shifting natural glitters." Mine is a little frosty looking because I asked Susan to add red shift, If you order from the website it won't have red shift like mine and will have a clear base.

Boy Crazy blush (free sample): "An earthy mauve with a hint of red duochrome." It looks like a pinkish-gold shift to me...
Pixi Purple (free sample): "reddish purple with subtle green iridescence." I see more of a mauvey purple with green tinted silver shift.
Dragon's Breath (my gift with purchase): "A sheer black base with gold shift and green/gold diamond dust glitter." The base looks like blackened green on mine. But maybe the old GWP Dragon's Breath isn't the same as the new one on the website.


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