Monday, January 9, 2012

Evil Shades Cosmetics Humbuggery Holiday/Winter collection 2011 Review and Swatches

Today I have swatches of the Evil Shades Humbuggery Collection for the Holidays/winter 2011. This is not your typical Holiday collection, but I love that all the colors are very festive and can easily be worn for any Holiday.

Frosty's Intervention: "Sparkling snow white that shifts from embarrassed pink to melting silver to silent violet." I see pinkish/violet shift.
Death by Fruitcake: "Nude-ish base with slow painful blue to pink shift." I only see pinkish/violet shift. Like a nude version of Frosty's Intervention.
Commerciali$m: "A greedy little golden shade that shifts to her favorite shade of money green." I see a slight green shimmer occasionally, but no shift.
Re-gifted Xmas Sweater: "a pink shifting soft orange with sparkles of gold, green and blue." I don't see green or blue sparkles.
Oh Pagan Tree: "Evergreen base decorated with multi colored sparkles." I see gold, green and blue sparkles.
Naughty List: "Deepest dark purple with disobedient blue-green shift, incorrigible gold and defiant silver shimmer." I find the purple to have a smokiness to it.
Phoenix: "Ashen gray with fiery orange and red glitter." Very accurate.
Deception Hardcore Lips: "Pink toned nude with golden shimmer." Very pretty, considering buying a full size.
More Synth Deviant Lips: "Glitter, glitter and more glitter packed neatly into my deviant lipstick base. It applies as a clear base packed full of multi colored glitter." Texture was a bit waxy and thick, but I love it and plan on buying a full size.
Last Dance: "Metallic lilac with playful aqua sparkle." Aqua sparkle is noticeable and gorgeous.
Sorrow: "Sheer grape/purple. Applied thin this shades looks more like a moisturizing grape lip stain. Layered it turns to a bold grape creme (Sheer)" Mine is a dark reddish/burgundy... It looks more like Corset (blood red) than Sorrow. 

 Bottom four swatches are L-R Oh Pagan Tree, Naughty List, Phoenix and Re-gifted Xmas Sweater over Darling Girl Glitter Glue.

Ravishing: "An orange toned coral with purple luminescence." More blue than purple to me and not as pigmented as other ES blushes.
Pouty: "Soft, sweet matte lilac." Unfortunately this applied blotchy :(
Backtalk: "Hot bubblegum pink with a soft orange/tangerine shift." Also not incredibly pigmented, but I am totally in love with this one.

 These are both Robot Love Hardcore Lips lip gloss, the one on the left is a sample I got several months ago. The one on the right is the full size I bought with my Christmas order. I feel like the consistency of the sample is a little thicker than the full size. It also seems to me that the sample has more holo glitter and less silver flecks. I was a little disappointed that there was less holo in my full size but it's not a big deal cuz I added more :)



eRiN said...

Death by Fruitcake keeps appealing to me ...

ANA said...

Yes, death by fruitcake is my favorite of the collection. I'm thinking of maybe getting a full size. :)