Monday, July 30, 2012

Meow Monday! Summer Spirits swatches

I'm a bit behind since it's Tuesday, but whatever!
In my most recent meow order I got a few samples of a new summer collection called Summer Spirits. Pretty much the whole collection was gorgeous and screamed SUMMER! I kinda wish I'd gotten a few more to try, the ones I did get (and are swatched in this order) Tequila Sunrise, Mimosa, Jungle Juice, Mint Julep, Teal Tini, and Blue Hawaiian. All were swatched over foundation and pictures taken in window light.

Tequila Sunrise: a true medium yellow with a subtle silvery peach sheen.

Mimosa: A light golden, metallic apricot base with a peachy pink sheen.

Jungle Juice: a medium orangey coral with strong watermelon pink sheen.

Mint Julep: light minty green with pale gold sheen.

Teal Tini: a teal base with turquoise sheen.

Blue Hawaiian: light metallic blue with aqua sheen.



Allison Webster said...

Those are really pretty,I espeially like the golden and reddish colors. I like MEOW a lot, I meant to put an order in the past few days and didn't. Maybe I'll go check them out now. Nice swatches too btw! :)

ANA said...

Thanks! I actually wore Mimosa and Jungle Juice today lol. I think right now Meow has their founders day sale for 25% off going on!