Friday, August 10, 2012

Femme Fatale Friday! My latest order swatched!

A couple weeks ago I placed my third order with Femme Fatale Cosmetics, and like the times before, I received everything orderly and within a week! Which I think is awesome since its coming all the way from Australia. Sophie is running a top notch company, FFC is quickly becoming one of my absolute favorites to order from.


Moonstone: "A sheer white shade with a soft blue duochrome shine and sparkles." The duochrome is so intense its unbelievable! As much as I love the Darling Girl Rainbow Brite 'Buddy Blue' it looks kinda weak next to Moonstone.
Archangel: "A translucent yellow-toned ivory eye shadow complimented violet duochrome."
Heroic: "A soft copper-tinged peach based shadow, highlighted by an incredible golden shimmer." Looks like a pale, peachy gold to me.
Frozen Flame: "A pale amber orange with peachy tones, highlighted by a subtle blue shimmer."
Phantasm: "A pale purple with violet tones and copper orange shimmer."
Faerie Fire: "A soft lavender pink with cool undertones, highlighted by a electric lime gold sparkles."
Hallowed Ground: "A pale asparagus green with stunning red shimmer."
Moonglow: "A pale columbia blue with a prominent golden duochrome and subtle pink shimmer."
Sunfire: "A sweet peachy pink with coral tones and a striking copper gold shine. Not to be missed!"
Shadowdance: "A cool grey with bluish undertones and a scattering of subtle blue and pink sparkles."
Rampage: "A vivid copper red shimmer over a burnt umber base."
Spirit Bond: "A deep midnight blue with strong purple undertones and a shimmery golden finish." I see more green than gold in the shift.
Crusader: "A vivid saffron yellow eye shadow complimented by a scattering of gold and copper sparkles."
Forever Lovely Rose was limited edition for Valentines day 2011.
Rebel: "It is a muted thulian pink duochrome shade with violet sparkles. Rebel is a soft and lightweight blush of which the colour can be built up to your liking." Apparently this is a blush lol, I had no idea so I swatched it like an eyeshadow.


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Vulcan_Butterfly said...

Great swatches! I've been wanting to try out FFC.