Thursday, March 21, 2013

Angel's Redemption: Darling Girl Swatches and Look

I bought this review set back in March I think? Yep. Not only am I way behind in old posts 6 months back, but also recent ones! Go me! LOL

Today I have swatched 4 eyeshadows and a discontinued lip gloss from Darling Girl Cosmetics. After the review I have more pictures of this look using Morbid Angel and Redemption.

Morbid Angel: "A smokey lilac taupe with just the barest hint of green iridescence." Very accurate description, the green shimmer is more noticeable in direct or bright light.

My Immortal: "Golden taupe with color shifts from golden bronze, golden copper and if you catch the light just right you might even see glimpses of golden green." Another spot on description, you can really see the golden green shift at extreme angles. The base color is a dusty/taupe/lilac which makes My Immortal much more interesting than your basic golden copper eyeshadow. There's also pretty pinkish/violet sparkles!

Redemption: "Sooty taupe grey with a strong gold flash." Redemption looks like it has a dusty medium blue color change at extreme angles, but it's actually the base color peeking through the STRONG gold flash!

Sparklers At Dusk: "A smokey, blue taupe with subtle orange interference." I'm kind of confused by this color. My swatches look nothing like the ones on the website? My sample looks like a dusty navy with a strong purple flash and violet shimmer. I'm not seeing any orange either? *UPDATE* "Dusky blue/grey taupe with violet flash.  This was really hard to photograph as it looks a lot greyer loose than it does applied.  The violet sheen really comes through when worn." Susan has since updated the website with lots of new swatches, including Sparklers At Dusk, which now looks the same as my swatches.

As usual the eyeshadows are swatched over foundation and patted on with a flat eyeshadow brush. The lipgloss was applied with a lip brush

The golden green shift in My Immortal is really obvious in this picture, along with the dusty blue base of Redemption.

 A semi thick layer of Banshee. I believe this was a Hologloss from Halloween 2010? It was recently discontinued, but just in case someone might want to see swatches I included it in this review. Banshee is a sheer, blackened purple base with violet and copper shimmer. Very pretty and very wearable.

For this look I used (in this order):
Darling Girl Glitter Glue
Wet n Wild Creme Brulee on the browbone
DG Canary on the inner corner
Glamour Doll Eyes Dirty Jeans on the inner 3rd of lid
DG Redemption on the outer 2/3rds of lid
DG Morbid Angel on the inner crease
DG Black Day(the square, blue pressed eyeshadow) on the outer crease and V
WnW ColorIcon black eyeliner
Maybelline Line Stiletto liquid liner
Maybelline Colossal Volum mascara



Yolandaas said...

Wow love this eotd!! And regarding mineral makeup, yay im starting to love it too.. What brush do u recommend to use with mineral foundation? Xx

Annelise said...

Thank you! For mineral foundation I use a fluffy powder brush, but for more coverage I would use a slightly fluffy, but smaller more dense, shorter bristled foundation/concealer brush

Vulcan_Butterfly said...

WOW, great look, this is absolutely gorgeous!