Friday, September 6, 2013

OH THE HORROR!!! Darling Girl Halloween 2013 SWATCHESSSSSS

The Darling Girl "Oh The Horror" Halloween 2013 collection is ALIVEEEEE! *cough cough* Errr... I mean it is live on the site >.>

Today I have swatches of four eyeshadows from the new "Oh The Horror" Halloween 2013 collection by Darling Girl Cosmetics. To stay up to date on sales and new products I suggest liking the Darling Girl Facebook page.

**These eyeshadow samples were provided to me from Susan of Darling Girl Cosmetics for the purpose of swatching part of the new collection. As always these are my 100% honest and personal thoughts. I am not being compensated in any way.**

From the Darling Girl website:
"The highly anticipated Oh The Horror collection is finally here.  This years Halloween collection was inspired by classic tv/movie monsters and villains' so grab some popcorn and pick your favorites!  As special thank you to all my customers who helped come up with some of the fun names and inspirations for the shades!"

I Am Pain: "Inspired by Hellraiser, is a pale icy blue with golden green to blue shift and glimmering green sparkles. " The green sparkles look more aqua to me, but otherwise spot on. A lovely shadow that seems to glow!

Death By Unicorn: "Pale silvery pink with blue undertones and pink, bronze and blue color shifting sparkles. Inspired by Cabin In The Woods. I envisioned a blood soaked white unicorn and to me any unicorn shade has to have glitter haha." I didn't really see any bronze sparkles.

Heads Will Roll: "Warm dusty purple with blue violet glow. Inspired by Sleepy Hollow, I envisioned the moons glow on a misty night." Totally accurate! Another complex eyeshadow with shimmer that seems glow and look lit from within.

Seven Days Later: "Antique silver with soft turquoise to pinky violet flash and a light dusting of royal blue sparkle. Inspired by the girl climbing out of the tv from The Ring." Another perfect description, it also looks like the silver base has a hint of dusty violet to it.


Kimberly Purcell said...

How gorgeous!

Annelise said...

These colors are wonderful! IMHO one of Susan's best collections!