Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Darling Girl Cosmetics: Bright Yellow and Vampy Sparkles!

Today's look was inspired by a color combo that Valentina came up with and shared in the Darling Girl fan page on Facebook.

"For a nice and glowy fall look try Seahorse on your lid, Oily Variety Bohunk on crease and outer edge and Fisticuffs to blend the two shades, random eggplant liner and you're done."

I had been meaning to try Seahorse for several months and this seemed like the perfect look to try it out with! I don't have Oily Variety Bohunk so I subbed in the dark, sparkly, purple/plum crease shade from the Wet n Wild Petal Pusher palette and mixed it with DG Fireworks.

I Used:
Darling Girl Glitter Glue
DG Fisticuffs on the inner corner
DG Seahorse on the inner half of lid
Wet n Wild Petal Pusher palette, plum 'crease' shade on outer half of lid 
DG Fireworks patted over WnW plum shade, blended into crease and outer corner
DG Fisticuffs to blend out the edge of Fireworks in the crease

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