Monday, December 16, 2013

Chequered Lily Apothecary: Swatches and Sultry Purple Look

Hey guys! Today I have swatches of Chequered Lily Apothecary and a sultry,smoky, purple look! This post is going to be kinda long, I'm going to add the inspiration for each shade to the description. For giveaways, coupon codes, and updates check out the CLA Facebook page.

**I bought the products in this post. I am not being reimbursed or compensated in anyway. These are my 100% honest and personal thoughts.**

Invocation: "Light the candles, speak the words. Our Halloween tale begins here, hearth-side in the Witch's cottage. Beeswax tapers flicker, dripping ivory wax onto a rough-hewn oaken table. Upon the altar sits a wide bowl of clear water. The water's surface ripples subtly of its own accord, alive with reflected fire-light. Thin tendrils of incense begin to rise and thread their way through the room, filling the air with a strange sweetness... Creamy Ivory with Copper Shimmer and Purple Reflect."
I don't really see and purple sparkles.

Caterpillar: "'There is nothing in a caterpillar that tells you it's going to be a butterfly.' -Richard Buckminster. Pale, golden spring green with yellow shimmer"
It's hard to tell that the shimmer is yellow.

Her Familiar: "A rustle of sooty wings and a loud croak heralds the arrival of a crow to the witch's windowsill. The bird caws thrice, then re-alights. In the corner of the cottage, a yarn basket stirs. A black tail twitches, black whiskers yawn, and two eyes appear – as golden-orange and luminous as the harvest moon... Bright Golden-Orange with Green-Gold Glitter."

Rickroll: "Coppery Burnt Orange with fuschia reflect and purple glitter."
 I see a burnt orange with pink sheen and fuchsia sparkles.

Stormbreak: "I wanted it to look like a snapshot of a stormy sky at sunset, when the sun dips under the dark clouds and sets them on fire in shades of magenta and scarlet. Stormbreak is dark grey with red and pink highlights and silver reflect."
I see a dusty purple base with pink and silver sparkles.

Grimoire: "She takes the book gingerly from its shelf and lays it on the table. She caresses the dark leather cover and unfastens the silver buckle. The book opens at once, the pages begin to turn slowly in a progression of ink-stained parchment. The pages settle and the witch nods. Phials and bottles begin to arrange themselves on the altar... Smoky Plum with Pink Undertone and Copper Shimmer."
Spot on description!

Circassian Girl: "'Alexandria was a real 'Circassian Girl,'” The Snake Charmer told me, “She was sold into a harem, but she escaped and worked her way West. She has been with us far longer than anyone can remember.” We approached a small tent with a hand-painted sign that read, “Fortune Teller.” I stepped in and closed the curtain. The air was warm and heavy with incense. I sat down on an ottoman in front of a small table draped with purple silk. A beautiful woman clad in black and fuchsia, with a wild mane of silver hair entered the tent. “Alexandria?” I inquired. I was expecting someone much older, but she didn't look a day over 30 with her bright, pale lilac-blue eyes. “I know what you came for,” she rasped, “the answer is 'yes;' there is another way. It must be a fair trade, a soul for a soul,” she intoned, “It is in your power to grant this.” I felt uneasy. I wasn't sure I was ready to sacrifice my soul for anyone or ...thing. I stood up to leave, reaching into my pocket for a few coins. I drew forth an unfamiliar brass coin with a hole through the center Of course, -the tokens! It felt heavier than I remembered. I set it on the table before the Fortune Teller. An impish smile crossed her lips, “You are learning; you may be one of us yet! Take this to the Gamekeeper; he will be setting up the menagerie for the Midnight Show.” Upon exiting the tent, I couldn't help but wonder what she meant by 'one of us...' Black with Fuchsia Shimmer and Blue-Violet Sparkle."
Such a dark, sparkly, vampy eyeshadow!

Penny Arcade: "I walked slowly through the midway. I saw children tossing rings at milkbottles, and a young man arguing with a carny over a stuffed lion. I glanced away and something in the dirt caught my eye. It was a penny, the bright copper of a newly minted coin. I knelt to pick it up and found another penny just a few inches away. This one was older, the rich warm bronze of age and use. I walked to the nearest booth and put the two pennies on the table. The man smiled at me and handed me a stick with a line attached and a tiny hook on the end. “All you gotta do is catch a fish sweetheart, then you win a teddy-bear. Don't catch no turtles or frogs, -they're worth nothin'. Ya got three chances.” I leaned over the table and looked at the small barrel pools on the ground. Each undulating surface was crammed with floating toys: crimson fish, blue frogs, and green turtles, each with a ring on its back. I dipped the pole down and lifted it quickly. Nothing. I tried again, and managed to hook a turtle. My third try yeilded a frog. I took a token from my pocket and laid it on the table. He shook his head, “Keep it. One more try honey, you can do it...” he encouraged. This time I tossed the line farther away. I felt it catch something and when I lifted the rod, there was a little golden fish on the end. “That's more like it!” he exclaimed. “Why is it gold? What does that mean?” I asked. “It means no teddy-bear,” he winked at me an handed me a small glass bowl filled with water. Inside was a glittering black and orange fish with fringed fins and a full tail. “He's beautiful... Thank you,” I managed through my distraction. The carny nodded, “If you think that's a pretty fish, you oughtta see the Fiji Mermaid...” Soft Black with Copper Sparkle and Shimmer."
It's not a pitch black, but it is full of gorgeous copper shimmer.

For this look I used:
Elf Eyelid Primer
Darling Girl Glitter Glue
CLA Invocation on the inner corner and lightly on browbone
CLA Stormbreak on the inner half of lid
CLA Grimoire on the outer half of lid
CLA Circassian Girl on the upper and lower lashline and winged out
CLA Rickroll in the crease
Wet n Wild black eyeliner
Clinique High Lengths mascara

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