Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Dawn Eyes Cosmetics: Swatches and Look!

This post has been a seriously long time coming. I actually thought I had posted this months and months ago... But apparently not! So here we go!

I ordered some lovely samples from Dawn Eyes Cosmetics (almost a year ago I think?) You can still buy all these shades from their various mini collections that are on clearance. 

Colonel Mustard: "A deep mustard yellow matte base with a slight sheen, sprinkled with tiny gold and copper sparks."
Spot on and very unique! I don't own anything like this.

Fire Witch: "Deep rusty orange with a brilliant green sheen that shifts to a striking solid coppery orange, decked out with golden sparkle! A bold and beautiful color!"
My swatches don't show the pretty green shift very well.

Wild Turkey: "Dark deep brown with strong shifts in green and pink, dripping with color-shifting glitter that goes aqua to blue to purple/pink."
I see a taupey brown base with green shimmer that shifts to a mauvey base with blue and pink shimmer.

Imp: "Deep inky black dripping with holographic glitter!"
Super pigmented, matte black base chock full of holo glitter.

Tempest: "Deep dark blue/black base loaded with color-shifting sparkles that range coral/blue/red/green to purple/gold/pink; wild, untamed, powerful, an ocean unleashed."
I can't really tell what color the base is, but it's smokey and blue toned and very complex. The shift is really hard to describe too, it's a dusty aqua that changes to a violet mauve with gold, blue, green, and pink sparkles. The pink sparkles being more dominant at an angle.
Dreamer: "Lush forest green with a strong shift to a deep aqua with subtle purple undertones, glittering with green/gold to aqua/blue color shifting glitter! Perfect for a day at the beach!"
A sheer shimmery forest green base with a strong light grass green shift that changes to aqua (and blue at extreme angles) with gold sparkles.

Blue Horse: "Beautiful green with a strong aqua shift, even bordering on lavender, loaded with bright aqua sparkle."
Another spot on description!


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