Friday, March 19, 2010


Today Gabe and I walked down the street to the giant sundial. It was so nice out! I didn't have to wear a coat or a jacket or even a cardigan!
Isn't Gabe just the cutest? It was his first time sitting on grass, and he wanted to pick all the flowers lol.OH! Last night Gabe said mama! I walked in the room talking to Marz and Gabe looked up at me as I walked past him and said "mama" with a smile. Making both Marz and myself gape at him with our mouths wide open! Okay, okay, that was just me hahah, but Marz was surprised too!There's Gabe with Sophie the giraffe! And here is a sneaky peaky of my new lipstick, which I will be reviewing later.

- Ana

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