Saturday, March 27, 2010

New patterns!

This week I got lots of new patterns in the mail! All from lovely eBay sellers! Unfortunately, I don't remember the sellers names...

  1. Butterick 9304 (I'm guessing from the mid fifties?) Still in factory folds. Printed.
  2. Butterick 5286 (Late forties? Early fifties?) Already cut. Unprinted.
  3. Butterick 9689 (Mid to late fifties?) Factory folds. Printed.
  4. Simplicity 3558 (Late fifties?) Already cut. Printed. And comes with transfer design!
  5. McCalls 4538 (1958) Factory folds. Printed.
  6. Butterick 9407 (Mid to late fifties) Factory folds. Printed.

I didn't realize how many Butterick I bought haha. Has anyone else noticed that Butterick had a really cute variety of dresses back then? I've personally found that Butterick and Simplicity are much more bountiful than Vogue patterns, especially McCalls! I've only found a handful of McCalls over the past couple months. Or is that just here in the U.S. possibly?


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