Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Well here I am!

My name is Ana, and this is my blog. I haven't completely figure out how blogging works, but I'm getting there!

My life is all about love, acceptance and art. therefore this blog will be a reflection of those ideals. By writing about my thoughts and accomplishments, I hope to bring more positivity and inspiration to other people. In turn, compelling myself to do more interesting and inspiring things.

Anyways- I've been reading of blogs for a few months now, and I started wondering what it would be like to have my own. Then yesterday my fiance, marz, convinced me I should. So this morning he helped me get started. For a few hours, I turned into a perfectionist Virgo and kept changing the layout of my blog. I finally stuck with the one I have now, though I'm still not real pleased with it (big surprise! hah).

Regardless, I am obsessed with fashion (to my fiance's puzzlement- as my shoe collection continues to expand!) and I might as well turn my passion outward for others to see!

Well I'm tired of talking about this haha.


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