Sunday, May 9, 2010


Today I was sorting through the numerous blogs I follow looking to see what all I've missed in my laziness. (Yes. I was too lazy to read blogs lol!) While I browsed through The House of Mirth I came across an old post I read a couple months ago that was particularly inspiring! The wonderfully brilliant Lily has come up with another gorgeous garment! She used a pair of men's business pants to make those darling shorts!
In the 1940's women would use their husband's old trousers to make new trousers for themselves. (Which is quite ingenious, but i doubt they were this awesome.) Thinking of that bit of information, and seeing those shorts again has reminded me that I have a pair of my father-in-law-to-be's trousers just waiting to be turned into adorable shorts too! My biggest problem when it comes to projects is finding the motivation to finish them. Luckily summer is just around the corner, and awesome new shorts would be perfect for spending most of June in LA for my baby sissy's 8th grade graduation! yay!!!

And of course, HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!
This was my first Mother's Day and I had tons of fun, food and family. I hope everyone else had a good day too and showed the mothers in their lives how much they appreciate them.


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