Friday, May 7, 2010

Lipstick Review

I'm sorry that it took this long to get the lipstick review posted. Between waiting for the lipstick to arrive in the mail and running errands, it got put off for a bit! The first lipstick is Avon Ultra Color Rich Mega Impact lipstick in "Charged Cherry" (Bear with me while I get the hang of taking my own pictures!) The main areas I want to focus on in this review are: color, texture,  how well it wears, and smell (cuz who likes there lips smelling like old lady?).

Avon's "Charged Cherry" (pictured above) has a really pretty, bright, pink-ish, red color with dark pink flecks of sparkles in it. The sparkles are hardly noticeable, they barely add a bit of shimmer. (It also has a very neat geometric shape!) "Charged Cherry" was just slick enough that it had shine to it, yet not overly glossy. I was disappointed though, the pigments are not very saturated, and the lipstick goes on as somewhat sheer dark pink. But, along with that sheerness, is a smooth, light, non-cakey lipstick. It is one of the nicer lipstick I have tried in that respect. The smell was not bad, a slightly sweet floral scent, not overwhelming like some lipstick can be. I'm afraid I was very let down with the lack of lasting wear. After only a couple of hours there was hardly anything left.

Next is Arbonne "Flame-on". The picture doesn't do the lipstick justice. It's a vibrant, classic, red with orange hues in it. "Flame-on" is the thickest and heaviest of the three lipstick, and has the worst smell (reminds me of old lady lipstick in that regard). However, "Flame-on" wears exceptionally well! I can wear it all day long and even after eating and drinking the color is still bright and vibrant! The old down side that might keep me from buying Arbonne                                                                     next time is the texture.

And lastly is Rimmel London "Red Hot".  The color is more subdued than the rest while still having major impact in that its a dark, sultry red. "Red Hot" applies light and smooth, unfortunately it doesn't last all day like Arbonne lipstick (but much longer than Avon's "Charged Cherry". The smell was very light though, after the initial application the smell is undetectable the rest of the day.

Over all the three of them are very chic lipstick. I will definitely be using them again and again! If I had to choose a favorite though, Arbonne "Flame-on"  would definitely be it. It certainly is the one I've used the most!

Yet again, I apologize for how long this took to get posted!


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