Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Something of Interest

While double checking the proper spelling of ruching, I came across this delightful blog! Janet Stauffacher of Nostalgic NeedleART is a wonderfully talented at quilting, needlework, embellishing and embroidering. But the main thing that I was so Amazed by were the beautiful ribbon flowers she makes. For example:

She even has a few tutorials to help you make your own! Isn't that awesome?! There are more tutorials if you go to older pages than the one I've linked to.

And guess what! You can make all of the flowers pictured in this post! Janet does have a website, Vintage Vogue, where you buy already made items to add to you wardrobe or craft project.

Wouldn't these be absolutely darling as a broach? Or the perfect embellishment to perk up a old hat or boring dress bodice! Oh the possibilities.


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