Sunday, May 23, 2010

New projects (Dress #3 Scattered Rose)

This is the third dress I failed to mention before today, no worries though! In my last post I promised to keep my sewing endeavors updated. And guess what... I AM!!!

Lol, this dress is one I am particularly excited about. I'm not completely sure why I'm so excited, it must have something to do with the tummy ruching? Oh! it might help if I told you what it is I'm making first! This is butterick 5029, and I'm doing both versions A and B. The fabric for B is actually the matching flat sheet to The Yellow Rose Dress I'm almost finished with. 

Basically, the whole dress it white. Very crisp, clean, and simple. To add some fun and color, the bottom portion of the skirt will have medium to large sized yellow roses. This is the front of the skirt. It will have the most roses.

This is the back of the skirt. The roses continue from the front around the sides  and end in the middle of the back.  (I laid it out wrong when I took the picture.)

 Smaller roses scatter up from the main section of roses and end at about the thigh area.

A close up of the medium to large sized roses in the front. I like how it has a kind of watercolor effect. The color fades in and out of the lines like a watercolor painting.

I am also doing view A in a dark teal I had left over from a different project. All I've done so far is cut out the pieces of fabric. Gabe decided he wanted to help model my newest project! And eat it... haha.

And of course he tried to grab the lens.


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