Monday, June 28, 2010

Pretty pretty petticoat

 Simplicity 5006 is out of print I believe, but I scooped it up mega cheap on eBay for 3 bucks! It's a great petticoat pattern, very simple and straight forward perfect for my very first petticoat! I got all my materials on sale at Joann's. Originally I was going to buy tulle, but when I saw it in the store I realized it wasn't anywhere near stiff enough to make my dresses fluffy like I wanted. I found white netting that was perfect, then I also found petticoat netting. I'm not sure what the difference is between the two but I figured I was safe buying the petticoat netting.
I also didn't know what kind of fabric to use for the waist band part, I ended up buying half a yard of white lining for clothes. It was the thinnest, slipperiest material I could find other than costume or dress satin. This is the finished petticoat. I ended up taking about eight inches off the bottom because I'm 5'5" and my dresses are on the shorter side of vintage. I added ribbon around the hem at the bottom and the waist band, along with a thin pale blue bow and a little pale blue rose sewn on the front. I think it makes it darling and more personalized.
There's a close up of the ribbon, bow and rose. Simplicity 5006 is a great pattern if you want fullness but not fluff. Since I like exaggerated fluff I'm going to add an extra layer of netting to the skirt next time. I'm thinkin sparkly red would be awesome!



Molly said...

It looks wonderful, I really love the little details you've added. I didn't know this was OOP, its sitting on my cutting table at this very moment because I am using it to make a petticoat from my current dress project and a miniature version for my tot to wear! I've not used it before so glad to see it made up here. What lovely timing!

Ana said...

It might not be out of print. I haven't seen this pattern in the simplicity pattern catalog, but then again I wasn't specifically looking for it. It's such a simple pattern it would be easy to make for a little girl, I bet it'll be adorable when you finish!

HoustonCrafter said...

Love it and love the ribbon touches!