Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Up coming projects

     I have soooo many projects planned. It's unbelievable, I doubt I'll get them all done before fall sets in lol. I ordered new fabric a while ago from Trendy fabrics and now I have two more dresses to add to the growing list of projects.

     The fabric was in the $1.00 sale bin, in total I paid $6 for three yards of both fabric and $6 for shipping. Trendy Fabrics has the cheapest shipping prices for fabric I've found online. I really like the styling of the pattern pictures, so I wanted to stick fairly close to what they did. First up is Simplicity 0518, it's a 1950's retro Simplicity reprint. I've actually seen the original pattern for sale cheap on eBay. The green plaid is very basic and only has the two colors, dark green and white. (The green is much darker in person than in the pictures.)

     Second is a vintage Butterick 0689. Vogue has a new reprint of a vintage pattern very similar to 0689 but the collar is positioned slightly different. Here's a comparison, I personally like the Butterick 0689 better. That's just me though.

     Oh my God. This fabric is so awesome, I can hardly stand it! I was so lucky to find a fabric close enough to view A that it didn't look exactly the same, but close enough that the dress will still have the same feel as the picture of view A. I've never seen a plaid like this before, it looks like a cross between a gingham and plaid. Yet, like the green plaid above, this plaid is also very simple.

     If I remember right they are stretch poplin. Now that I just read what poplin is I think the green plaid is a polyester stretch poplin and the black plaid is a thick cotton stretch poplin. Be prepared for much more project updates!


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