Monday, June 13, 2011

Wet n Wild "Comfort Zone" review + swatches + look

I know it's been a long time since I last posted something (ya know how life is! Crazy, crazy, crazy!) but I'm real excited about this new eyeshadow I got a few weeks ago. Apparently Wet n Wild has had a new line of eyeshadows out for awhile and everyone in Bloggerland has been all in a tizzy about them. I decided to pick up a couple and see if they really were as good as everyone says. And let me tell you, they are GORGEOUS. I'm totally in love with these and plan on getting a bunch more!

Here is the "Comfort Zone" palette:

I used flash so all the shimmery and duochromey colors would be more noticeable. I only have this palette so I cant say what the others are like, but Comfort Zone is incredibly smooth and velvety. Pigmentation levels are impressive for only costing $4.99!  Way better than my Clinique eyeshadow, and comparable to my MAC. The only negative I've come up with is that the green eyelid shadow isn't as vibrant when layered. Next time I'm going to try to not blend it as much.

I tried three different ways to apply the shadow. Top row was done with the foam applicator the palette comes with. Second row was done with eyeshadow brushes from Sephora, and obviously I used my finger for the bottom row.

Brush application seems to work best with these eyeshadow. The flash really shows how awesome the green duochrome is in the reddish-brown definer eyeshadow. I heard that it's a dupe for MAC "Club" and a slightly more brown version on Sweetscents "Chameleon". Though I don't own either of them so can't do a comparison.

And finally my first look!


    For this look I used
Covergirl Shadow Squeeze "Cloud" as primer
Right side of the palette:
Browbone on eyelid
Eyelid on outer half of lid
Crease on crease and outer corner
Definer on lash lines top and bottom
Prestige brown eyeliner on outer corners of waterline
Covergirl Lashblast black mascara



I never would have thought that a metallic sage green look would compliment blue eyes. I suppose the neutral, subdued green goes well with most eye colors. Overall I love this and will definitely be reviewing many more Wet n Wild eyeshadows!


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