Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Challenge Calendar: Greek Goddess!

I'm sure at some point I've mentioned that I love history, but what I absolutely love are myths and legends! Greek and Egyptian mythology being my two favorite. When I saw this theme I got very excited and today I did it! My favorite goddess is Selene the goddess of the moon. It can be kinda elaborate and confusing since there are several goddess of the moon. But they are many websites that explain the differences between them all. And from what I understand Selene was the earliest moon goddess and the only one the poets told of that was the moon incarnate. Throughout time she was changed and morphed as the gods as a whole changed. Selene was the moon goddess of the Titans and later became Artemis of the Olympians. Similarly, in Roman mythology Luna was the first moon goddess and was replaced by Diana later.

There are also many versions of the myths of Selene, but my favorite is one I read as a prologue to a fictional story. (One of my favorite series ever actually lol. Daughters of the Moon by Lynne Ewing. Stop laughing! I read it in 6th grade!) Ewing's version is basically several different versions combined. Selene and Helios were brother and sister, she the moon and he the sun, they chased each other around earth catching and bouncing each others rays back and forth. The humans loved them for the light that kept them safe, but one night as Selene was crossing the sky she looked down and saw a handsome shepherd, Endymion, and was so entranced by him she left her place in the sky to "be" with him. (AKA she spent 3 days making love with him lol!) The humans became scared when there was no moon for 3 nights and thought evil would come without the moon to light the night sky. Selene's father (Titan Pallas or Olympian Zesus) was mad that she had left her place in the skies. He put Endymion in an eternal slumber and one night of the month Selene would leave the sky and was allowed to be with him. Therefore explaining new moons.

ANYWAYS! For my look I did blues to represent the moonless sky when Selene is with her lover. And tomorrow I'm thinking of doing silver for when she's shining in the sky. I used the left side of Kat Von D's eyeshadow palette in Metal Orchestra. I got this palette from Marz on our first Christmas together, and over the years the lid has broken off and some of the shadows fallen out. I've taped the lid back on and pressed the powders back in. It works great but looks a little rough lol.

White shimmer     Bright sparkly blue   Med blue shimmer  Sparkly navy

I put a bunch of shimmer on my face!


I painted my nails Sally Hansen Laser which is a dupe for Orly Lunar Eclipse lol! It has a really pretty purple duochrome but I could barely get it to show up :(


You can kinda see the purple duochrome here. But it's much stronger in person and you see it constantly!



Unknown said...

I really like your make up looks and your piercing! WOW :)

Unknown said...

I really like your make up looks and your piercing! WOW :)


ANA said...

Thanks! :D