Thursday, July 7, 2011

Sinful colors "Open Seas" review + swatch

While in LA I got Sinful Colors "Open Seas" from the Adventure Island summer collection. It's pretty obvious that SC copied OPI's Pirates of the Caribbean summer collection, which I find really funny and kinda awesome lol. I wasn't crazy about the OPI Pirate collection, or the whole "grayed/murky/dirty" colors concept. The only one that interested me was "Mermaids Tears". But not interesting enough to pay $8.50 a bottle. I've seen photos and read reviews comparing SC "Open Seas" to OPI "Mermaid Tears" and feel comfortable saying they are dupes. I can't attest for OPI's formula but SC's is nice and smooth, slightly thick, opaque in 2 coats, has your basic polish brush and dries faster than every OPI I've tried. And I'm impressed by how glossy it dries! Overall I <3 SC and Open Seas is really neat. After wearing it for a little bit it's grown on me, I might need to look at the other colors now lol!

My pictures didn't come out right, they show it as more of a turquoise than grayish green. The bottle picture is much more accurate, but is a touch too blueish.


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