Friday, July 8, 2011

Bath and Body Works haul swatches

(Left to right) Whipped Vanilla, Cherry Vanilla, Strawberry Meringue, Signature Vanillas Cherry, Pineapple Juice, Berry Preserves, Peach Jelly, Wild Berry.

 Whipped Vanilla is a mauve base with a flash of fushia and gold glitter, Cherry Vanilla is a peachy-pink with silver glitter, Strawberry Meringue is a peachy-nude with a very, very subtle pearly shimmer and Signature Vanillas Cherry is a milky, whiteish-clear base with silver glitter.

Pineapple Juice is clear with gold glitter, Berry Preserves is a red toned purple base with gold and blue glitter, Peach Jelly is coral with gold glitter and Wild Berry is a swirl of fushia, peach with pink glitter and white with silver glitter.

Close up of the blue and gold in Berry Preserves.

And of course the most important part, the swatches! Same order as above, I don't really feel like typing all the names out lol.



Anonymous said...

where can i find it?

ANA said...

As far as I know bath and body works is the only place that sells liplicious lip gloss. But I got these on clearance so they don't sell that anymore. I would suggest going to a bath and body works outlet store where all the clearance murchandise goes or looking for them on eBay.