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Evil Shades Review + Swatches

First off I have to say that it is really awesome that Evil Shades has a blogger review kit. For $8 you get 4 eyeshadow, 3 lip products, and 2 blushes. And 3 free samples! AND free shipping!! Anyways, I was very excited to pick out my samples. (As if you couldn't tell!) I ordered and I paid through paypal. I waited the turnaround time stated on the website (5 days) but didn't get an email confirming my order, so I contacted the owner. She replied within 12 hours to let me know that she had been sick for the last couple days but did receive my order and it was going to be shipped in 1-2 days. While I would like to get an email confirming my order after I place it, I thought it was pretty awesome that she had been sick for 2 days and still managed to get my order out on time.

(L-R) 3 lip samples, business card, a double checked list of my order and hand written thank you, 2 blush samples, 4 eyeshadows and 3 free samples all packed in a cute satiny pink drawstring bag.

Evil Shades has two kinds of lip products, Deviant Lipstick "Deviant lipstick for deviant lips! These are non waxy creamy lipsticks, heavy with pigment and moisture. They are candy scented because I'm a kid at heart." And Hardcore Lips "Intensely pigmented gloss. Extremely pigmented opaque coverage but with the shine of a gloss." I had some issues with the Hardcore Lip gloss, but the Deviant Lipstick is amazing! So creamy and smooth! I'm completely in love with the formula. I have chronically dry lips and normal lipsticks make it a million times worse (and look really gross with chapped lips) but Deviant Lipstick not only feels and looks great, it's the first lipstick I've found to ADD moisture to my lips! They come in skinny tubes for precision application, or sample sized clamshells. The website says 2-4 uses per clamshell but I bet I'll get more like 10.

Hell Froze Over is described on the ES website as "Creme white with subtle violet/blue shift. (sheer, intended for layering and or lightening/cooling down other lip color" 

I would describe it as a white lipstick with a subtle shimmer to it. I didn't notice any particular color of shimmer. It wasn't as exciting as I was expecting, but it's a great lipstick.

Feline's Kyss is described as "Neutral soft pink with blue shimmer and crushed pearl flakes. (Semi sheer)"  

I would describe it as an opaque frosty light pink. I think there was something wrong with my sample though. In all the pictures I've seen it looks like a gorgeous semi sheer, pinkish/nude with subtle sparkles. The texture in photos looks super glossy and slightly thick without any stickiness. Mine was thick and I could feel the pigment on my lips. Like the glossy base and the pigments used to color it were separating or something. If I pursed my lips the pigments would clump together in the lines of my lips. Very strange... 

Primrose Path i described as "Pinkish coral with subtle green shimmer"

I would describe it as an orange toned pink with subtle green shimmer. I only wish the green shimmer was like "BAM! in your face!" crazy green shimmer. But still very pretty.

"Fluffy, creamy loose powder blush, in every color imaginable and some beyond imagination! These are not your traditional blushes. Note* Apply sparingly as most shades are far richer in pigment than they appear." Very true, these blushes are beautiful and come in a wide selection of colors. I've been using Pink Noise the most of any blush I own. Both Bronze Skies and Pink Noise look VERY shimmery in the clamshell but when applied they give your face a subtle sheen that looks light and feminine. 

Bronze Skies is described as "Bronze with violet shimmer and soft pink shift (The color of the summer sky at sunset over Two medicine lake, you should see it)"

I would describe it as a warm toned bronze with light pink and fuchsia shimmer. If applied heavily the pink shift/sheen in noticeable. 

Pink Noise is described as Rosy pink with soft orange to pink lit from within glow

I would describe it as a berry toned pink with orangey copper sheen and golden shimmer from a distance it looks as though you have a glowing ethereal flush. If rubbed down the orange/copper is much more obvious and makes the pink look more coral.

I just checked the website and can't find Up til Dawn or Bikini Baby. I suppose that means they're gone now that summer is almost over... But she did just give the website a makeover, so maybe she just hasn't put them up yet? Anyway these two were limited edition for the summer (if you couldn't tell from the names lol) And they are so pretty! Up til Dawn is the most beautiful eyeshadow I have ever worn. Dead. Serious. It's a dusty beige with intense light green shimmer. I haven't tried foiling it but the green is very noticeable no matter what primer or base you use.

Bikini Baby is a pale, green toned seafoam color with delicate orange and pale green shimmer. Also very pretty. Up til Dawn and Bikini Baby are sheer and can be layered, foiled or used on their own to make different looks. 

The last two eyeshadows are from the Arcane Collection. "The Arcane Collection is 11 shades full of mystery and magic! All beautiful shades on their  own but when foiled they transform into a world of depth and magic."

Dreamspeaker is described as "Soothing lilac with silver shimmer- summons an Icy dreamy lilac with silver sparks bursting through." I would say this is a very accurate description.
Dark Arts is described as "Dark dusty purple with multicolor shimmer- reveals strong eruptions of multicolored sparkle." This is also very accurate except I would say it's more of a plummy, red toned purple with gold/copper shimmer and multicolored sparkle.

First up of the free samples is the Evileyes Primer in Noir, "Black oil free eye primer. Evileyes primer is different than any I have found on the indie market. This is not oil or wax based like a lip balm but a light weight silky non oily silicone base. The texture is silky and mousse like. I made it this way to preform well on oily skin as well as to not dry out dry skin, so it's suitable for all skin types. The texture is "mouse like" and contains no oil at all." For me personally I find it to be too wet, but otherwise I really love the whipped texture. It looks lumpy in the clamshell so you kinda have to rub your finger in it to get it mixed up and smooth. Mine was a sample so maybe it has been sitting around for awhile or maybe it got hot during shipping? I don't know. It has the lasting power of a primer and the ability to 'grab' on to eyeshadow like a sticky base. And since it's black it really brings out the undertones and sheen in eyeshadows. At some point I'd like to get samples of the other colors (nude and white) to compare texture and consistency.

Deviant Lipstick in Caged Gypsy is described as a "Deep rose base with glowing pink shimmer. I'm going to call this a "suede" finish as it has shimmer but has no shiny/glossy finish like a matte."

I'd say this is more like a brick red with a slight orange/copper sheen and subtle pink shimmer. On the lips it has a reddish, coral look. (Marz says it looks like Martian sand lol!)

Now for my favorite sample in this whole review! The Spectrum Pot sample in Photonic Green! "Bright light green with aqua sparkle. Spectrum Pots are a wax based pigmented eye color with a slightly sticky texture to hold glitter & shimmer on the lid. They are water resistant (not rub proof). Spectrum pots intensify eyeshadow when applied over. They are made with no oils however as with any eye base each persons skin will hold them differently depending on skin type and texture. These are not a gel liner, the texture is waxier, more like an eyeliner or sticky base. They apply best with a stiff angled liner brush, sponge tip applicator, cotton swab or finger. They work very well as a base for eyeshadow though I have used them as liner as well. Vegan, paraben free and eye safe!"
This works amazing as a sticky eyeshadow base, the best base I've ever used in fact. It's safe for eyes and lips, so you could use it as a lipstick, a base for lip gloss, a cream blush, a base for eyeshadow or even as eyeshadow by itself! It doesn't crease or fade and has tons of gorgeous shimmer. I'm considering buying several of these (white, purple and a full sized green lol!). They come in 8 different colors for $4.50 each or $20 for a palette of 5.

I had lots of fun doing this review, hope it's helpful!

*This kit was bought and paid for by me from the Evil Shades website. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


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