Friday, December 9, 2011

Darling Girl Cosmetics review and swatches!

Before I get to the pictures, I want to say I am in love with DGC. Susan is so nice and friendly, and always willing to help/listen/answer questions.
I'm breaking this up into three posts: blogger kit, eyeshadow and lippies. This first post is going to the on the Blogger Kit I ordered.

 Came packaged super cute in it's own box with sparkly decorations.

 Blurry pic to see all the hidden sparkles!

Turtle Dove: "Satin finish mid-tone grey with subtle gold shimmers." The gold shimmers make the grey have a taupe-ish tint. Also has lot of silver sparkles.
Mistletoe'd: "Iridescent deep forest green with delicate sparks of gold and gorgeous red and bronze cosmetic micro glitter." The red glitter isn't as noticeable as the gold and bronze. 
Lucky: "Pale white with turquoise iridescence in the jar but when swatched a beautiful green flash is seen along flash of blue, green, red/pink sparkles." SO GORGEOUS.
Poison Orchid: "Raspberry pink, nearly violet, with purple and blue glitters."
Indigo: "white in the jar but swatched a gorgeous purple shift emerges with flashes of blue and purple star sprinkles."

 Poison Orchid applied thinly. Can be completely opaque depending on how much you apply. Super pretty, dimensional aqua and violet sparkles/glitter. A slight gritty feeling, but not too noticeable.


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