Monday, December 12, 2011

Maybelline Great Lash "Lots of Lashes" mascara review

So I am a BzzAgent, meaning every once in a while I have the option to test out new products for free. Anyone can sign up at 

Last month I got Maybelline Lots of Lashes in the mail. Maybelline is one of my favorite drugstore beauty brands, I have all kinds of stuff (including mascara) from Maybelline. I was really excited to try their new mascara because my favorite mascaras are by Maybelline (Lash Stiletto and Colossal Volume). I've tried the classic Great Lash mascara before and it was a clumpy mess on me, but this new version is pretty nice. I love the brush. The tip has the tiniest bristles I have seen on a mascara wand, so it's great for tiny lashes in the corners of your eye. The other end of the brush has long skinny bristles great for adding definition and separating individual lashes. The only thing that I was dissapointed with was that it didn't hold a curl at all. I did figure out some tips to keep some curl to you lashes though. 

After curling lashes with an eyelash curler, start with a very light coat of mascara. Let it dry completely, then apply another very light coat. Once the second coat dries your eyelashes will be somewhat stiff and therefore holding a curl. At this point continue to add coats until lashes are coated enough to your liking.

 Curled bare lashes on left, 2 light coats and 1 normal coat  of Lots of Lashes over curled lashes on right.

Overall I find the brush to be fantastic, the formula creamy and a bit wet and the packaging cute. I like that it lengthens and separates the lashes, but I dislike that it doesn't hold a curl very well. I went to Walgreens to see if they made a waterproof version since that's what I prefer. They don't unfortunately :(  If they do end up making a waterproof version I will buy it. Until then I'll use this occasionally.


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