Thursday, January 5, 2012

Darling Girl Halloween 2011 swatches

Swatches from the Darling Ghoul Collection for Halloween 2011! (I'm way late but they're still for sale and soooooo gorgeous!) This is the second part of my October order showing the eyeshadows. Next up will be the lippies!

 This first set of swatches were done over foundation. My pictures really don't show how complex and beautiful each one is.

Dream Scream: "The most awesome white pearl with loads of red glitter!"
Corpse Candle: "A sheer light grey with violet sheen and purple iridescence."
Apparition: "A ghostly metallic silver with a slight color shift from golden pink to a green and loads of pumpkin orange glitter." It just looks like a really pretty metallic silver to me.
Ghost Light: "Sheer teal with a touch of green iridescence and a golden shift." Gold shift is very slight and not really noticeable.
Pretty Plasma: "Aqua blue pearl with contrasting black glitter." Black glitter is subtle but very cool looking.
Will-O-Wisp: "Sheer peachy pink with a silvery blue shift and blue reflect." Accurate and VERY gorgeous! I want a full size.
Scream Queen: "Shimmering red pearl with loads of Silver and Holographic glitters." I actually only see silver and copper sparkles, no holo. Still one of the prettiest reds I've tried.
Thriller: "Earthy burgundy pearl with golden bronze reflect." 
Pumpkin Eater: " Pumpkin orange with loads green iridescence." The green comes across more of a greenish, yellowy gold.


 The 4 swatches at the very bottom were done of NYX jumbo pencil in Yogurt. L-R Scream Queen, Thriller, Pretty Plasma and Dream Scream.

 The swatches in the picture above ^ were done over foundation too, while the swatches below this sentence to the end of the post were applied on top of Darling Girl Glitter Glue. You can see how a good base/primer really brings out all the shimmer and sparkle.

Witch & Famous: "Plummy taupe with gold reflect." I don't see any plum or taupe, just tan. My favorite of the whole collection!
Crypt Keeper: "A blackened antique gold."
Bats in the Belfry: "Deep murkey brown with a kind of olive green undertone and sprinkles of multi colored green glitter. Fairly low sheen and on the metallic side." Also very pretty and complex.
Jack's Lantern: "A deep black base with a fiery red/orange shift. The combination looks like a blackened purple especially when foiled."
Zombody to Love: "Sheer blackened navy with gold reflect." Gold sparkles need a sticky base, and I didn't find it to be sheer at all. I also want a full size of this.
Candy Corn Pixie Sprinkles: "A blend of Orange, Chocolate Brown and Holographic glitters."

Ugh! So frickin pretty! I'm planning on picking up a couple of these in full sizes.


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