Saturday, January 7, 2012

Darling Girl Cosmetics lipstick and gloss swatches and review

This is the promised lippies post I mentioned in the blogger review and eyeshadow posts from a couple days ago. Today I have swatches of Goldfinger Holo Gloss, Pomegranate Pout Kiss Me: Tinted Lip Balm and Poison Plum Kiss You Off: Color Rich Lip Balm.

Goldfinger is described as: "A blend of buttery yellow gold reflects and '3D' copper pearl." The copper isn't noticeable, but it does give the gold some depth.

Pomegranate Pout is described as: "Sheer blackened red with a kiss of copper pearl." I wouldn't call it blackened, but this is an accurate description.

 I left this one large so you can see the copper pearl better.

Poison Plum is described as: "A deep berry base blended with loads of red and gold flash that meld together to make this gorgeous plummy wine shade." When applied heavily this almost looks like it has a gold duochrome to it! This was a part of the Darling Ghoul Halloween collection and is no longer available I think...

In the photos the balms looked like they applied patchy and settled in lines, but in person they didn't look that way.

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