Friday, May 4, 2012

Dawn Eyes Cosmetics Review and Swatches

My Dawn Eyes Cosmetics (DEC) order came perfectly packaged in little baggies inside an organza drawstring bag. As you can see from the invoice, everything was checked off the list before being sent. Dawn wrote a thank you note and included 3 free samples!

These are the colors I ordered from the Spring 2012 collection Flora and Fauna. I found the swatches on the site to be accurate, and helpful to have so many swatches from different angles.
Lily of the Valley: Shimmery opaque white with aqua sparkles.
Redbud: Shimmery, neutral light brown with fuchsia sparkles and subtle green tinged shift.
Green Tulip: Dirty light greenish grey base with strong green shift and violet sparkles.
Rununculous: Light, slightly sheer, shimmery burnt orange with sparkles shifting from fuchsia to green to blue to violet.
Leptotes Marina: Warm toned, medium brown with sparkles shifting from green to aqua to purple.
Morpho Menelaus: Periwinkle base with so much green shimmer it make the periwinkle look blue and aqua at some angles. Along with sparkles that shifts from aqua to blue to purple.
Bluebell: slightly sheer, dusty pale blue base with silvery blue shimmer and aqua and violet sparkles.
Poppy: Dark pinkish red base with strong gold shift and fuchisa sparkle.
Pansy: Between medium and dark purple with a silvery sheen and gold micro fine glitter.
Crocus: Bright purple with fuchsia shimmer and sparkle that shifts from pink to violet to purple.

This is the discontinued Christmas 2011 collection. I'm not going to do descriptions since it's not available anymore. Though if you're dying for this collection you might ask Dawn if there are any left.

Glittering Grey Fire: Light grey matte base with a red and copper shift and copper micro fine glitter.
Copper Kettle: It's almost like it has a metallic red base with a super strong copper overlaying shift. So strong that you can see the red and copper at the same time, it looks kinda like a duochrome. Such a beautiful color, I'm in love with it!
Peacock Teal 2: Sheer charcoal base with TONS of teal and green shimmer and sparkles that shift from green to blue to purple.
Sultry Blue: Matte greyish violet base with blue sheen and sparkles shifting from gold to copper to fuchsia to violet.
Purple Forest: Dark charcoal base with strong green shifting shimmer from green to dark grey to purple. Not subtle at all, super unique.

Overall I love DEC! though some of the eyeshadows are a little sheer, the formula is lovely and very easy to work with. Everything is super sparkly and shimmery and most of all unique! In my collection and browsing through pictures of other company's eyeshadow I cant find any dupes! Everything is gorgeous and totally worth owning!



Marcey said...

DEC has some gorgeous colors. There are several I'd like to order in full size but I already have too much stuff so I held off. I do love my samples though.

ANA said...

I know how you feel, I only buy samples and if I actually use up the whole sample I consider getting a full size.

Makeup Zombie said...

Damn dude, awesome swatches!!