Sunday, August 4, 2013

Darling Girl Cosmetics: Autumnal Texas Joust?

This is a review set I bought from the Darling Girl website a few months back. It is $1 for four eyeshadows (and/or blush) samples and 1 lip product sample. Super affordable and anyone with an active beauty blog, youtube channel, facebook page, etc. can buy and review a set. Here is the listing for the blogger review set.

For this set I chose Provoke, Autumn Dusk, Joust, and Texas Tea. The lip product I picked out was Ver-beige Liquid Kiss Luxe lipgloss.

**This review set was purchased by me, with my Darling Girl model 20% discount. The discount does NOT affect the honesty in my reviews.**

Provoke: "Darling Girl's dupe of MAC Cosmetics Vex a grey green with red shift sure to become a staple in your collection!  Provoke's shift is a little pinker than the golden red shift in Vex put when applied you can't really see the difference."
The grey-green base comes across as more of a yellowy beige to me.

Autumn Dusk: "This was a custom request by the lovely Kelly from Whimsy Beading.  She wanted a light pearl grey exploding with copper sparkles and this was the result.  With all the copper sparkle it really looks like a taupe/brown with copper sparkle."
I see a sheer, dusty, beige shimmery base with pinkish shimmer/sparkle and copper glitter.

Joust: "Sooty grey brown with green flash and a noticeable shift to violet."
To me, this is a murky base loaded with an unbelievable amount of violet shimmer that shifts to forest green to emerald green.

Texas Tea:"A deep, charcoal grey with a green shift and loads of multicolored eye safe glitter. This color was inspired by a drive we took a couple of weeks ago. For miles and miles, there was nothing but oil refineries. I wondered how I could live in Texas and not have an eyeshadow called "Texas Tea"."
I would add that at extreme angles the green shift takes on a murky, brownish-plum color.

Ver-Beige: "At first glance looks like a pale peachy beige pearl but morphs into a silvery lavender pearl once applied. I adore this with a smokey eye!"
There is also gold sparkle, and the violet shimmer shifts to magenta at an angle. I love this lipgloss. I bet it would look fabulous on a darker skin tone.

The picture on the left shows the blue toned, emerald green shift in Joust (third shade down) and the brownish-plum shift in Texas Tea (bottom shade).

The picture on the right shows forest green shift in Joust, and the multicolored glitter/sparkle in Texas Tea.

For this look I used:
Darling Girl Glitter Glue
Wet n Wild Brulee on browbone
DG Provoke on the inner corner and to blend edges
DG Autumn Dusk on the lid
DG Joust in the crease and outer V
DG Texas Tea on the upper and lower lashline
WnW ColorIcon black eyeliner
Maybelline Line Stiletto liquid liner in black
Maybelline Lash Stiletto mascara in black

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