Saturday, September 14, 2013

Part 2 of Darling Girl "Oh The Horror" swatches!!!

Yay! Today I have swatches of four more eyeshadows from the new "Oh The Horror" Halloween 2013 collection by Darling Girl Cosmetics. Here is part 1 of the swatches in case you missed it! To stay up to date on sales and new products I suggest liking the Darling Girl Facebook page. 

**These eyeshadow samples were provided to me from Susan of Darling Girl Cosmetics for the purpose of swatching part of the new collection. As always these are my 100% honest and personal thoughts. I am not being compensated in any way.**

From the Darling Girl website:
"The highly anticipated Oh The Horror collection is finally here.  This years Halloween collection was inspired by classic tv/movie monsters and villains' so grab some popcorn and pick your favorites!  As special thank you to all my customers who helped come up with some of the fun names and inspirations for the shades!"

50 Foot Woman: "Bright sunny yellow with a gorgeous pinky red shift and pink color shifting sparkles.  The pink red shift was a little shy but you can see glimpses of it in the swatch photo's. Inspired by the 50 Foot Woman movie art." Spot on description!

Bad Ash: "Bold pearly copper with red tones (for all the blooood) loaded with color shifting aqua sparkles (for Ash's blue shirt). Inspired by the Evil Dead." I would say this copper is almost metallic. Also, the aqua sparkles shift to pink!

Pumpkinhead: "Ruddy red with strong green flash.  If you love orange shadows you must get this one! Based on the Pumpkinhead 2 movie art." A very red toned, almost burnt orange base with strong green flash that shifts to a mauvey pink.

Go Go Godzilla: "Slightly bluish green with a shift from brilliant bright green to gold and color shifting aqua sparkles! Even though most of the Godzilla movies I watched as a kid were black and white, this is my vision of Godzilla. The theme song always runs through my mind when I wear or make a batch of this shade." I see a super shimmery, blue toned emerald green base with the same strong, bright green shift as Pumpkinhead to changes that mauvey pink.


Kiwi said...

Lovely swatches! I'm lemming after a few shades.

Kimberly said...

I can't wait to get these!


50 Foot Woman wasn't on my list until I saw your I have to have it. Can't wait until payday!

Annelise said...

Thank you! This collection is super fun and sparkletastic! I love looking at the sparkle and shimmer in these. Particularly Bad Ash and Go Go Godzilla. 5 Foot Woman is beautiful! Easily on the best yellow eyeshadows I own! and the red shift is REALLY noticeable over a black base too.