Friday, July 8, 2011

Bath and Body Works Liplicious lipgloss "Pineapple Juice" review + swatch

I got this during the Bath and Body Works Semi-annual Yellow Sale for $2! It is a basic lip gloss squeeze tube with a slant tip applicator. Pineapple juice doesn't really smell or taste like pineapple... just kinda sweet, plasticy, candy-ish... Really disappointing cuz I LOVE pineapple.

The color is a clear base with lots of yellow gold and coppery/gold microglitter. Very fine microglitter, I don't feel it at all on my lips. Overall for 2 dollars it's okay, it looks nice on but nothing special or unique. I also feel like it's slippery and moving all over my lips, but when I check it in the mirror it hasn't moved...? This happen to anyone else?

It's kinda creepy seeing my face this close up hahaha.


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