Friday, July 22, 2011

Wet n Wild nail polish

These are the Wet n Wild nail polishes I got when I was in LA in June. First up is Blackmail from the Megalast line. I searched everywhere in SF for this color after finding out that Sally Hansen "Midnight in NYC" was a more expensive, less sparkly version of Blackmail. I finally found it at a Rite Aid for BOGO %50 off. Basically it is a black creme with multicolored micro glitter. The only down side is that some of the glitter that is underneath the black comes across as varying shades of  bronze and copper. Still gorgeous but not as much multicolored, rainbow-i-ness as I had hoped for. The formula is a little thin making the black take two even, medium coats to become opaque. But its very easy to work with and not runny.

Next is "" SOOOOO sparkly and pretty, alittle sheer and takes three coats to be opaque. Formula is a little thick and goopy but dries quickly and isn't hard to work with at all. It's an orange jelly base with goldish/yellowy/orange glitter. Since its a jelly base and somewhat translucent the glitter takes on different shades depending on how deep it is in the polish and the angle you're seeing it from.

Lastly is my unexpected favorite "Buffy the Violet Slayer". I like purples, but I don't usually go crazy over them. That is until I saw Revlon's summer line Sweetly Seductive. (Glittery, almost flakies looking, scented jellies. OMG so in love with these!) I bought the purple "Grape Fizz" but wanted a vibrant purple base to layer with it. That's when I saw WnW "BTVS" and got it too cuz it was $1.99 lol. Turns out its super bright and vibrant and very hard to capture with a camera. It comes out much more blue than purple. It's a shimmery purple and in the sun you can see pink and purple sparkles peeking out from the shimmer. It reminds me of China Glaze "Flying Dragon" (which I also LOVE) because of the similar shade of bright purple and the pink and purple sparkles. (Though I think Flying Dragon is a almost matte-ish creme? And much more neon and dramatic than BTVS.)

The bottle in this is the most accurate picture I have of the color. It still doesn't have to vibrant OOMPH as in person though.

You  can kinda see some of the pink sparkles on my index finger here. It's more noticeable in person.


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