Friday, July 29, 2011

Challenge Calendar: Runway Inspired

Today I used Maybelline Brightside eyeshadow palette for my runway inspired look. Dior summer 2011 runway make up is bright and colorful and very retro. Review and look of Brightside palette HERE.

The blue look in the top left corner was my inspiration today. Okay... so it's more like I copied the whole thing cuz it's just so simple and chic lol. I love the harsh eyeshadow lines on the models, it gives it a color block look. Though I think for the average person it's a bit too much. I blended out the edges to make it more soft and not have a noticeably harsh line.

 I used the two blue shades for this look. I think the models only have one color on their eyes, but the matte light blue in the top left corner doesn't have the best pigmentation. I used the brighter matte blue in the bottom right corner along my lashline and outwards along the winged eyeliner. Then used the lighter, less pigmented blue all over my eyelid and fading near my eyebrow bone. I hope that wasn't confusing!


Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in Trooper is the liquid liner I used, along with L'oreal Double Extend mascara.

Lastly I applied Revlon Colorstay Sheer lipstick in 125 Sheer Coral. It's a little bit more orange toned than this picture shows and it has small gold sparkles in it. Super pretty, I love that it can be applied lightly for a sheer coral tint or applied heavily for almost opaqueness.

Naturally I had to paint my nails to match! This is wet N wild Megalast in 211A Club Havana. It's a medium muted orange and dries a hint more coral than the color in the bottle. I'm totally in love with the Megalast formula, it is so smooth and easy to apply. The brushes are the flat oval shapped kind, similar to the OPI pro-wide brushes, but wNw's are a bit shorter (which I like). I personally think these are the best pro-wide brushes I've found. And I got in on sale for $.99! If you look at the color underneath my thumb nail it's much more accurate than the actual swatch.


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